GeNetix GW2O GeNetix GW2O

GeNetix Wall Mount Node 2 is a two-port wall mount PoE powered node, available to fit into standard single gang EU/US & UK backboxes. Available with either male or female physical RDM Direct DMX ports, both versions support both DMX Input or Output. GeNetix Wall Mount Node 2 is ideal for any fixed installation, supporting Art-Net and sACN and configurable from ChamSys consoles, via its in-built web server or over Art-Net.

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  • 2 RDM DMX Ports supporting Input and Output
  • Available with either Male or Female DMX Ports
  • Supports Art-Net & sACN
  • Webserver for remote configuration
  • PoE Powered
  • Supplied with interchangeable Black or White faceplates
  • Available to fit US,UK,EU Standard Single Gang Back Box fit
  • Does not unlock ‘demo mode’ on MagicQ PC Systems

GeNetix Nodes

GeNetix Nodes

GeNetix Nodes provides a solution for remote data distribution in a wide variety of applications. Supporting industry standard protocols like Art-Net, sACN, RDM along with advanced features including DMX Fallback, merging and Scene Storage

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GeNetix Nodes Features

GeNetix Protocols

GeNetix network nodes support industry standard lighting protocols; Art-Net V1,2,3 and 4, sACN - including priorities on a per universe basis and Remote Device Management (RDM).

DMX timings are fully configurable, with refresh rate, break time, frame time and MAB.

DMX Fallback

DMX Fallback enables fixtures on a single universe to be connected in a loop to two ports on the GeNetix node for redundancy. If a single cable is broken anywhere in the DMX loop, all fixtures can still receive DMX.

Individual ports can be set to Output, Input or Fallback.

DMX Fallback is supported within a GeNetix node and also between multiple GeNetix nodes.


GeNetix nodes support storage of 10 Scenes that can be recorded from the incoming Art-Net or sACN data. Scenes contain DMX data for one or more ports on the node.

Scenes can be replayed from either the node front panel, from the MagicQ / QuickQ Console, via the webserver or via 10Scene wall plates on the GN5 & GN10 Nodes.

Node Configuration

The GeNetix network nodes can be configured from MagicQ consoles and PC systems and from QuickQ consoles. They can also all be configured from a web server. The nodes with a front panel can also be configured from the front panel.

GeNetix nodes also support a lock PIN to prevent the configuration being modified from the front panel of the GeNetix

Lost Data Behaviour

GeNetix Nodes support 3 modes for when the node loses network data (Art-Net or sACN)

Hold – holds the last output DMX values

None – stops outputting DMX

Zeroes – Outputs DMX 0's on all channels

DMX synchronisation

GeNetix nodes support synchronised DMX output to reduce tearing. Synchronisation is controlled via ChamNet and is available when used with MagicQ consoles.

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Hardware Specifications:

  • RDM Direct DMX Ports: 2
  • Network Ports: 1 (punchdown connector)
  • PoE Powered: Yes
  • Available in variants to fit U.K., E.U. & U.S.A single gang box boxes.
  • Available with either Male or Female DMX Ports
  • Supplied with interchangeable Black or White faceplates

Software Specifications:

  • Art-Net/sACN: Yes
  • ChamNet Support: Yes
  • Configurable DMX Timings: Yes
  • Web Server: Yes
  • DMX Redundancy Support: Yes
  • Unlock's ‘demo mode’ MagicQ PC Systems: No

Included Accessories:

  • Black and White Face Plates

EU Version Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 80mm (3.14 inches)
  • Depth: 37.5mm (1.48 inches)
  • Height: 80mm (3.14 inches)
  • Weight: 0.15KG (0.33lb)

UK Version Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 86mm (3.38 inches)
  • Depth: 37.5mm (1.48 inches)
  • Height: 86mm (3.38” inches)
  • Weight: 0.15KG (0.33lb)

US Version Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 70mm (2.76 inches)
  • Depth: 37.5mm (1.48 inches)
  • Height: 115mm (4.53 inches))
  • Weight: 0.15KG (0.33lb)

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GeNetix Firmware

GeNetix simplifies data distribution with a complete range of Nodes, Gateways, Switches and PoE devices. Branch out with these adaptable extensions of our growing family of intuitive networking devices.

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