QuickQ DIN QuickQ DIN

The intuitive simplicity of QuickQ software in a space-saving DIN rail mount solution. 

QuickQ DIN supports all QuickQ features including Events, 10Scene and Executes, making it ideal for any installation where space is at a premium and control in a small package is required.

Control up to 4 universes from the device via Art-Net or sACN, the QuickQ DIN also features two RDM-enabled DMX outputs. Easily build installed lighting control systems with connectivity features that include inbuilt Wi-Fi for programming and remote control, and four 10Scene ports for connecting up to forty 10Scene wall plates. 
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  • Ideal for installations and architectural settings
  • Featuring four Universes of DMX output
  • Two RDM enabled DMX outputs
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi for programming and remote control
  • Four 10Scene ports for connection of up to forty 10Scene wall plate
  • Features the same intuitive software as QuickQ Consoles
  • Simple Hot-Takeover mode allowing an external console to take control

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Hardware Specifications:

  • Universes supported: 4
  • Direct DMX Outputs Pheonix Screw Terminal: 2
  • External Monitor: 1920 x 1080 HDMI
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Network Port: 1
  • USB Ports: 2
  • Power Input: 12v DC

Software Specifications:

  • Max Number of DMX Channels: 2048
  • Max Number of Fixtures Supported: 2048
  • OSC Supported: Yes
  • RDM Autopatch for fast show patching
  • Fixture library of over 48,000 fixture files
  • Built in FX generator
  • Colour picker and Gel inbuilt Gel library
  • RDM Autopatch for fast show patching
  • Offline designer software available for Windows and Mac
  • Supported fixtures: All - LEDs, Dimmers & Moving Lights

Rack Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width : 200mm (7.8 inches)
  • Depth: 165mm (6.5 inches)
  • Height: 40mm (1.6 inches)
  • Weight: 0.65kg (1.43lb)

Included Accessories:

  • Wi-Fi Antenna: 1
  • DIN Rail Mount Clips: 2
  • 10Scene Connectors: 4
  • 12v Power Supply: 1

Boxed Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 268mm (10.5 inches)
  • Depth: 220mm (8.7 inches)
  • Height: 130mm (5.1 inches)
  • Weight: 1.04kg (2.29 lb)

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QuickQ software brings simplicity and power to smaller lighting systems with an intuitive interface modeled after smart phones, with icons and gesture support and built-in videos that accelerate the learning process, making it easy even for inexperienced users to set up, program and operate.

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