SnakeSys 10Scene Wall Plates SnakeSys 10Scene Wall Plates

The 10Scene Wall Plate features ten 10Scene trigger buttons, with dual colour LED status indication. Available to fit both standard US or EU/UK back boxes. 

Connect 10Scene wall plates directly to the QuickQ Rack or to the SnakeSys Gateway interface, where it can then integrate with any MagicQ or QuickQ system for remote Scene activation. 

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  • Can be connected together using standard Cat 5E cable
  • Connect direct to QuickQ Rack, no power injectors required
  • Easy to daisy chain – up to ten 10Scene wall plates per chain
  • Long distance – one 10Scene at 1000 metres or five 10Scenes in a chain at 300m
  • Supplied with both Black & White faceplates

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