Educational Training

ChamSys Interactive, Online Student Lighting Console Programming Course

Course Description

The course is targeted at students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate event lighting and or theatre programs at universities or colleges.

The course is a mix of live instructor presentations, videos, quizzes and programming exercises.

Learning outcomes: At the end of the course, students should be proficient in setting up, patching and playing back lighting shows for both theatre and live performance style events.

We train using our industry leading MagicQ lighting software, installed on the students computers. This is flexible, modern lighting control program capable of emulating multiple styles of lighting programming. Lighting output and programming results are displayed using our advanced 3D visualisation software on the same computer.

Students who complete the training receive a certificate from ChamSys along with a FREE MagicDMX USB-DMX interface - one universe lighting adapter for use with our MagicQ software.

Students will use their own Laptops/PC's (Windows, Mac or Linux) to connect to the ChamSys LMS system.

Course duration: 4.5 hours.

Course Format

In advance: ChamSys send a link to a pre course video on how to install and setup MagicQ ahead of the training. All Students are asked to watch this and install MagicQ ready for the training.

Any students struggling, or unable to install MagicQ and get the program running are asked to contact ChamSys for assistance. Students who successfully get MagicQ installed and running after watching the video need to do nothing further until the training.

On The Day
(timing’s approximate – course can be shifted to run in an afternoon)


All students join a live Zoom session (Zoom link provided in advance) where they are given a short introduction to ChamSys and MagicQ. The ChamSys LMS system details and logins are provided during this introduction in advance.


All independently run through the MagicQ training course hosted on the LMS (interactive with videos, quizzes & programming exercises to do in MagicQ also. Students submit their show file from MagicQ at the end.


ChamSys trainers will be available via the Zoom meeting morning credentials throughout the session, any students with questions or problems can come back onto the Zoom session to ask.


BREAK (time for ChamSys trainers to review LMS results and go through show files submitted).


All students join back the live Zoom session. We review the students results & show files in a live Presentation with MagicDMX & Swag giveaway for the students.