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QuickQ software is designed with a quick and easy user interface and a comprehensive feature-set that makes programming easy for students, volunteers, or part-time operators, and is even comfortable to use by professionals on small-scale shows.

The smartphone-like interface features an intuitive home screen and gesture support that makes it easy to use. Fixtures can be visually laid out within the software's home screen exactly as they are rigged, where they can be selected and controlled using simple actions, such as pinch to zoom.

The software incorporates powerful fixture effects, which enable fast and flexible programming. Build cues, cue stacks and chases within the software, re-ordering cues simply by dragging and dropping cues with stacks and syncing chases using sound to light or tap to time them.

QuickQ software runs across the range of QuickQ consoles and is also available as QuickQ Designer for Windows and Mac to enable pre-programming.


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QuickQ Designer ist als Download für Windows und Mac verfügbar


Note users should NOT use beta versions to to create shows that they plan to use on earlier software versions such as stable version Latest personalities (from v1.7.4.4 and from heads.all file) have CTO and CTB colour assigned to new attributes which if loaded on software versions prior to will appear as pan/tilt attributes Users can easily work around the issue in these earlier versions by editing the heads in the Head Editor to reassign the channels to colour attributes.


QuickQ Designer

Build and Program shows offline using the free QuickQ Designer software, which runs on Windows and Mac computers.

  • Windows 7 or above, macOS 10.11 or above, 200MB of disk space.
  • OpenGL 3.3 or above. Full HD screen recommended.
  • QuickQ Designer is an offline editor and does not output DMX.
  • Create and edit shows offline and transfer to and from the console via a USB stick.
  • This is an offline editor that does not support DMX output, networking or external connectivity.



QuickQ Console

The free QuickQ console software download updates your QuickQ console with the latest version of software features and fixture files.

  • QuickQ 10, 20 or 30 console, USB stick with at least 200MB of spare space.
  • Updating your console will keep all current settings and show files.
  • Updating your console will keep all current settings and show files.
  • No restriction on downgrading and upgrading software versions.



QuickQ Remote Control App

Via the inbuilt WIFI on the consoles, the QuickQ Remote Control App for iOS and Android enables users to connect their tablets and phones directly to QuickQ consoles to use as an identical user interface or additional screen.

  • Access almost all of the console screen controls such as Intensity, Position, Colour and Beam via an identical interface.

  • Easily connect to the console via its built-in WiFi network by simply scanning the console QR code (requiring no network configuration by the user).

  • Requires a QuickQ console for use.
  • Android 8.0 or above, iOS 14.0 or above, 50MB of storage space. An 8 inch or above screen size is recommended.


QuickQ Software Features

Key Features

  • Smartphone-like interface offers intuitive menu selection and gesture support that allows for simplified actions like pinching to zoom
  • Cue stacks with fade time, drag-and-drop cue ordering and time code support make programming a breeze
  • Chases with speed, cross fade and tap to time create awesome looks when programming
  • Built-in effects library for position, colour, beam and intensity channels helps build versatile shows
  • Layout screen allows for quick access to fixture and group selections to speed up programming time
  • RDM auto-syncing addresses and patches RDM connected fixtures automatically to your console, so you don't have to deal with doing this manually



Show files can be moved between QuickQ consoles or the QuickQ Designer offline editor and the more advanced MagicQ consoles and software, as well as between versions. When loading a MagicQ show file on a QuickQ console, only the features supported by the QuickQ console will be kept.


Fixture Library

QuickQ uses an extensive personality library of over 30,000 fixture files shared by MagicQ. If a lighting fixture can’t be found in the library, you can import your own head files. Our developers release library updates daily.



How does Plug'n'Play mode work with QuickQ and Lighting Fixtures?

QuickQ consoles support RDM, which will allow the console to discover and patch RDM compliant fixtures such as the CHAUVET Professional range without the user needing to manually address and set the mode for every fixture.

How many fixtures or lights can I control with QuickQ?

QuickQ consoles don’t have a hard fixture limit, the number of universes determines how many channels can be used. For example: QuickQ 20 supports 2 universes giving 1024 channels. That could be 1024 x dimmer channels, 341 x 3 channel RGB LED fixtures, 64 x 16 channel moving lights or any mix of fixtures totaling 1024 control channels in total.

How does QuickQ connect to my fixtures/lights?

QuickQ consoles have 5-pin DMX port(s) on the consoles for direct connection to fixtures. QuickQ also support DMX over Ethernet protocols such as ArtNet, Streaming sACN and Pathport using the network port on the rear of the console. Universes can be output on either the DMX port and/or over ArtNet up to the total number of universes supported by the console.

Will my MagicQ show file work with QuickQ?

MagicQ and QuickQ show files are compatible, so a file built within MagicQ could also be run on QuickQ and vice versa. When MagicQ show files are loaded into QuickQ the number of universes and fixtures and the feature set is reduced. Files saved from QuickQ will not retain the original MagicQ extra features.

Does QuickQ support all of the same software features and functions of MagicQ?

No, QuickQ is designed to be quick, simple and easy to use for novice users and therefore the more advanced features of MagicQ are not available.

How do I connect my tablet/phone to a QuickQ console?

QuickQ consoles have an in-built WIFI adapter avoiding the need for external devices such as switches or routers. Tablets and phones can easily be linked by connecting to the console using the QuickQ app QR code.

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