MagicDMX Full MagicDMX Full

The MagicDMX Full USB to DMX adapter is the next logical step up from the Basic.  It eliminates the time limit on unlocking output, making it more useful for a wider variety of applications which are time-sensitive.  It has the option of being used as Output or Input (with a gender-reversing adapter). This creates a scenario suitable for use as a DMX test device. Whichever direction is used, the capacity is one universe of DMX.  


  • USB connector.
  • Single DMX output or input - 5 pin  (input requires separately sold gender reversing adapter)
  • No time restrictions
  • Basic electrical protection
  • LED status indicator
  • Does not unlock ‘demo mode banner’
  • MagicDMX is an economic, single universe USB to DMX interface in two versions, Basic and Full. It is designed to be used with the free MagicQ software as a way to practice programming and demo the MagicQ software using actual moving lights.; Output or input one universe of DMX - not time limited. Can be used as a DMX test device.
  • USB connector
  • Single DMX output or input - 5 pin
  • Basic electrical protection
  • LED status indicator
  • No time restrictions
  • Input requires gender reverser purchase (sold seperately)

  • Free MagicDMX for students on Lighting Design Courses

    Colleges that run full time Lighting Design Courses where students are expected to have a profesional career in lighting, can apply to be part of a program that provides free MagicDMX Basic interfaces to the students.

    Please contact your local distributor or get your course teacher to fill out the MagicDMX Lighting Course Form

    Completed MagicDMX Lighting Course Forms should be sent to:

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