About ChamSys

Since 2003, ChamSys has continued to develop new leading edge software and hardware.

Our Commitment

ChamSys has a commitment to meeting the needs of lighting professionals using innovative designs and incorporating latest technology, but always with an eye on our four core design philosophies:

  • Reliability          building products that hold up in rigorous touring situations, which are dependable and robust
  • Compatibility      designing so that each model and software version plays well with the rest of line.
  • Connectivity      supporting a wide range of protocols and third party products
  • Scalability       ensuring that there’s an intelligent upgrade path from novice user to seasoned power user

Company History

Since 2003, ChamSys has harnessed the talents of lighting designers, software engineers and hardware developers to innovate and disrupt the field of lighting control.  They knew that to overcome the limitations of traditional consoles, they would have to utilize the latest technology and break some conventions. Those efforts lead to the release of MagicQ software and dedicated consoles, which fulfill the company’s aim creating high performance lighting consoles and softwares engineered to adapt to a wide range of applications for operators at all levels from beginners to professionals.

ChamSys has continued to develop new leading edge software and hardware. Here’s a timeline of significant milestones since the company began:


Introduction of an entire range of MagicQ PC Wings and the Macintosh and Linux versions of MagicQ PC


Launch of the MagicQ Pro Series of consoles


Launch of the MagicQ Execute Wing and MagicQ Media Timeline Features.


MagicQ Pro 2010 consoles are launched


Introduces a new remote control MagicQ application for both the iPhone as well as the Android OS


Released a complete range of advanced compact consoles: MagicQ MQ40, MagicQ MQ60, MagicQ MQ70, MagicQ Extra Wing Compact and MagicQ PC Wing Compact. Added the new inbuilt visualiser to MagicQ software: MagicVis


Introduced the MagicQ Pro 2014 consoles


Update of the MagicQ Compact range introducing the MQ40N and MQ80 consoles


 Launch of the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console


MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console wins Prolight + Sound's PIPA Award for "Best Product of the Year"

 Joins the Chauvet family

2018 Release of a complete range of consoles for smaller lighting systems: QuickQ 10, QuickQ 20, and QuickQ 30


Who We Are

Lighting is what drives our passions and our bottom line has always been to make products that we would want to use ourselves. Since our software developers are themselves lighting designers, this is a unique strength which ChamSys has harnessed very successfully.

Our hardware engineers have also had wide experience in sectors of the lighting industry, including laser consoles, moving light systems, and real time control for industrial and scientific equipment. We have a high level of experience in developing real time systems where reliability and performance are key requirements. 

MagicQ In Action

After extensive testing and feedback from working professionals who were quietly testing our early products, the MagicQ range was launched at PLASA 2004. It’s been over a decade of building on that success and finding enthusiastic adopters all around the world. MagicQ is used on everything from live music, TV, and theatre to films, clubs, bars and architectural installations.   

Quality & Manufacturing

ChamSys products are are fully assembled, tested and inspected under our control.  All products are engineered for reliability and designed in our UK head office.

To reach the standards our engineers set, we use high quality components including Alps faders, HPRG encoders and Neutrik connectors.  It would be easy to shove those together with some PC motherboards and power supplies, throw a coat of paint on it, and call that a console, but we strive to make your job easy, not our own. The core electronics we use are high industrial grade processor cards and power supplies. They’re chosen for long life and high quality, not for saving a few pennies. This means if you buy a console from us, you’ll get the kind of performance it was designed to achieve for years to come.