MagicQ Advanced Software Features MagicQ Advanced Software Features

In addition to its rich feature set of core lighting control, MagicQ Stadium Series has inbuilt plot and visualisation, audio timeline editor, and a multi emitter colour picker.

The powerful inbuilt Plot and Visualisation windows enable control of your rig as you see it, identifying the selected fixtures and  previewing their output.  In the Plot Window users can view the whole rig, specific fixtures types, specific groups and zoom in on different elevations to focus on their fixtures of interest. 

The inbuilt 3D palette system and support for external XYZ trackers enables innovative features like Focus line, Focus Hold and tracking of artists and moving objects a breeze.

The new Audio Timeline Editor enables easy syncing of shows to audio or to received timecode with seamless adjusting of Cues and Bumps to the time track.

The multi emitter colour picker enables colour mixing across fixtures with Amber, White, Lime and other colour emitters not just RGB.


Note users should NOT use beta versions to to create shows that they plan to use on earlier software versions such as stable version Latest personalities (from v1.7.4.4 and from heads.all file) have CTO and CTB colour assigned to new attributes which if loaded on software versions prior to will appear as pan/tilt attributes Users can easily work around the issue in these earlier versions by editing the heads in the Head Editor to reassign the channels to colour attributes.

  • 256 universes direct from the console
  • 15 fully motorised fader playbacks
  • 15 encoder playback with RGB indicators
  • 12 multi-purpose Macro/Executes/Playbacks keys
  • RGB illumination of playbacks
  • Backlit buttons
  • Dual Inbuilt 15" Multi HD touch displays
  • Up to 8 touch displays support (5 via remote network)
  • Dual motorised 100mm crossfaders ideal for Theatre
  • Inbuilt MagicVis Visualiser with full rendering of beams and gobos

MagicQ Stadium Software Features

Audio Timeline

The Timeline Editor provides a fast and easy way to synchronise cues and stacks, allowing audio tracks to be visually shown as a waveform with Cues and Timecode Track events displayed in rows allowing you to visually see and modify these along the timeline.

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3D Trackers

Providing a whole new dimension to shows, 3D trackers can be received from external inputs over industry protocols such as ESTA E1.59 Object Transform Protocol (OTP), PosiStageNet (PSN), or ChamSys Simple Open Tracking Protocol. Lights can be controlled to follow performers automatically in real time, track lighting of moving set pieces, and make compensations for lights on moving truss.

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Multi-Emitter-Based Colour-Picker

The latest MagicQ Software now supports colour-mixing and colour-picking using all fixture colour emitters by taking advantage of advanced fixture colour engines, such as those found in CHAUVET Professional Ovation theatrical fixtures, supporting Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Lime, and UV colours.

Focus Hold & Focus Line

Focus Hold enables focusing of moving fixtures direct from the Plot view onto a single point, massively reducing the time taken to create position focuses and enabling easy live tracking of artists’ position.

Focus Line enables even more powerful looks to be created by automatically aligning selected fixtures to a flexible line on the plot adjustable in position, orientation, and length - this, for example, enables a group of lights to be fanned across the complete downstage edge at the touch of a button, regardless of the physical orientation of the fixtures in the rig


Shows with all 256 universes can be previsualised and preprogrammed on a PC or Mac without additional hardware or dongles on and then loaded into the MagicQ MQ500M console - ideal for those tour bus situations.

All 256 universes can be visualised within MagicVis visualiser or with a direct visualiser link to 3rd party visualisers such as WYSIWYG, Capture, Vectorworks, Depence and L8.

MagicQ has specific filters for each of the above visualisers so that both the Patch and the XYZ fixture position can easily be transferred from the chosen visualiser into MagicQ. This enables Lighting Designers to make use of MagicQ's 3D Palette and tracking systems without having to enter the Patch and positioning date twice.

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  • Universes: Up to 256
  • Channels: Up to 131,072
  • Number of fixtures: Up to 131,072
  • Cues: 5000
  • Cue stacks: 2000
  • Palettes: 4096
  • Groups: 5000
  • Numbers of shows: Virtually unlimited
  • Media server support: 50 (each different content)

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