QuickQ Downloads

To install and use QuickQ console software and QuickQ Designer software for free, click on relevant icon below.

QuickQ Software

Build, Program and Visualise shows offline using the free QuickQ Designer software, which runs on Windows and Mac computers. The free QuickQ console software download updates your QuickQ console with the latest version of software features and fixture files.

Please note: iOS users may see a 'weak security' warning when connecting phones/tablets to QuickQ consoles. Users seeing this should update to version 8 or higher

Head Files

The software includes the latest heads (personalities). To download an updated set of heads for your install, refer to the instructions below. The heads library is updated online daily, so the link below will always be up to date to the last 24 hours.

QuickQ Remote Control App for iOS/Android

Via the inbuilt WIFI on the consoles, the QuickQ Remote Control App for iOS and Android enables users to connect their tablets and phones directly to QuickQ consoles to use as an identical user interface or additional screen.